QSC Joins Forces With M&W Pro Audio – AV Network


COSTA MESA, CA—QSC Audio Products has formed a co-development partnership with M&W Pro Audio to create a series of digital audio mixing consoles. Greg Mackie and Peter Watts are, respectively, the M and the W in the organization’s name.

After retiring from Mackie Designs (now Loud Technologies) in 2003, Mackie still had a desire to create the kind of innovative and high-value products for which he had become known. Watts convinced him to come out of retirement in 2008 and develop concepts for a line of digital mixing consoles. Watts is also an experienced pro-audio veteran who has spent 35 years designing analog and digital recording consoles including the first digitally controlled console, the Trident DiAn. With concepts and preliminary designs developed, M&W began looking for a partner to bring these mixers to life.

“We needed a pro audio partner with established sales, marketing, and distribution,” Mackie said. “A partner with a solid reputation for quality and reliability—one that had the technical capabilities to develop advanced digital mixing consoles and the manufacturing know-how to produce the products. I had a long time personal friendship with John and Barry Andrews and knew I could trust QSC to be exactly the right partner.”

Design work on the products will be done by both M&W and QSC while manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing and technical support will be handled entirely by QSC.