Pro-Audio Products Designed By Industry Legends

Greg Mackie & Peter Watts

Greg Mackie and Peter Watts have shaped the Pro-Audio industry, leaving an indelible legacy of best-selling products.

From masterminding product life-cycles worth billions of US Dollars, to providing legendary acts such as the Rolling Stones with high-end equipment, the Co-Founders of M&W have done it all. The labels pioneer and visionary are often overused, but both Greg and Peter are genuinely worthy of this elite status within the audio-industry.

M&W was founded in 2008, with Peter Watts convincing Greg Mackie to come out of retirement to help design a new generation of Pro-Audio products. The vision for M&W was to partner with top-tier audio manufacturers, providing Greg and Peter’s R&D know-how and extensive industry expertise with the Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing capabilities of each project partner.


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